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AnyFont iPhone App let you install and configure custom fonts. Most computers, laptops and devices come with pre-installed fonts. This will be compatible with all the applications you use it in. But at times you may need a special font for a presentation or for any documentation purpose. The app helps you with this situation. It makes it possible to install and configure any font, be it, custom and true type font.Install any type of font, true type collections (.ttc), open type fonts (.otf) and true type fonts (.ttf). Avoid situations when your fonts get replaced with preinstalled fonts during a presentation.

Present confidently your documents with any font

AnyFont App for iPhone is simple and easy to use. The process is quite straightforward. Once you download and install, add new fonts into the app. Use any file sharing features, Open In dialog box, Dropbox or Mail. The app lets you add and install single or multiple fonts. Use zipped files to install multiple fonts. Preview any fonts within the app. Also, access any font website from within the app and download fonts. Use 3D touch to view the fonts in any dimensions. It supports many office applications and other app.

AnyFont iPhone App is powerful tool for any creative user working on different fonts. There is an extensive FAQ section that gives an introductory tutorial. Learn how to install fonts in simple steps.


AnyFont iPhone App does not let you change the system fonts that come preinstalled in your device. One can only install additional fonts that you may need. Add fonts to the app and use it on any device or other apps that supports the devices font book. Some Asian or cyrillic characters are not supported by this app. The AnyFont App for iPhone supports localization in English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German languages. The app cost just $2.21 to download and use. There is an additional in app purchase to unlock 1000+ bundled fonts. The purchase is not a mandate, you can always add fonts that you want to the app and install it on your device.

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