ARise Augmented Reality Puzzle Game App Review

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ARise is an AR enabled puzzle platformer available for iOS devices which are AR kit enabled. It takes you out for a tiny adventure as you explore, find the right path, retrieve the sword and awaken the monster. AR gaming gives you the ability to view the real world around you and interact with the digital objects that has been created for the game. This interaction sets apart AR gaming from other conventional mobile gaming.

Guiding the Knight

ARise for iPhone is a simple, low pressure puzzle game that you will not feel stressed while playing it. You will be using the devices camera, walk around the room holding your phone and exploring different perspective you can find. In this game, you only have one objective, to escort the knight through the optical illusion your game has created. The knights path is blocked by missing sections. As you physically move around the space looking for the right perspective to line up the symbols, you can make the sections connect. The symbols will turn blue once you have lined them up correctly for the knight to cross.

As you are using the camera, you will have to find the right angle by walking around, changing the angle and slipping the pieces into place. It is a smart game where you can convert a beautiful painting into a functioning landscape. You move to the next level once you have connected a set. There are three levels of gaming you can explore. Getting the initial settings right could be an issue, you will need to reset a couple of times to make sure if it is working right. ARise game app costs $2.99 and requires iOS 11.0 or later.

Best Augmented Reality Puzzle Game

ARise puzzle game for iPhone is definitely worth pursuing and it is certainly an interesting implementation of augmented reality. It is a complete 3D rich game to explore the world from every angle, solving puzzles using visual cues without any touch or a swipe.

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