Astropad Standard iPhone App Review

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Astropad Standard turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for Mac. You could be an illustrator or just a hobbyists, it would be really tiresome to crouch in front of a computer for long hours to get your illustrations done. Astropad puts an end to this daunting task by letting you use your iPad and draw directly into any of the creative tools present in Mac. This could be, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Affinity, Corel Painter, Manga Studio, and any such app present in Mac.

Relax, draw the get your job done

Astropad Standard gives you the experience of a high end Wagon pen and tablets at half its price. Astropad provides you with a natural drawing experience and works really well with any Mac app. The app does not use any kind of compression and delivers images with great quality. It gives 60 FPS of output even on a WIFI. It is great for any kind of creative work like, illustration, sketching, painting, animation and photo. You can create all of this wirelessly or over USB. It needs supportive styluses. Apart from Apple Pencil, the app supports Pencil, Adonit, Wacom, Adobe Ink, Pogo Connect and Hex3. The app is pressure sensitive and very accurately rejects palm touches. You can pinch to zoom and pan in your mac apps.

Astropad Standard App Review

A new innovative technology called LIQUID used to create Astropad that gives superlative performance and image quality. This technology specifically designed for WiFi is 2 times faster than Airplay and gives better quality than JPEG. You will find ditching your Wacom tablets for an iPad with Astropad installed. The app supports all iPad with iOS 8 version and above and all Macs with Maverick 10.9 or later.

Graphics Tablet for Hobbyists

Astropad Standard is of great aid for digital artist with an iPad. It performs so smoothly and instantly without any lag time. It’s a great experience for people who require to draw most of the time, like graphic artists, Illustrator, architects, engineers and so on. The app is paid one with a minimum cost and is available in four different languages.

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