Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Android App Review

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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for Android is a MIDI recording studio with multi-track audio. AEMS, developed by, Extreme Software Development, is used for recording songs to full fledged music productions. The app sets great standards for music creation. It’s the perfect DAW, sequencer that you have been searching for.The interface is quite simple and is almost the same as ant other music app. Not just recording, the app makes working with multi-track audio smooth and easy.

Create, Record and Evolve music

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for Android provides unlimited number of tracks and groups to work upon. The design and user interface is quite conventional. The components of the interface is a typical Arrange page, Audio tracks, MIDI, instrument editing, options to add bus channels for submixing, three insert effects, two effects per channel automation options and third party support. You can record either using an internal Mic, from a multi channel USB audio or from the MIDI interface. All multichannel recording has low latency. The editing has unlimited number of undo and redo which is non linear, non destructive and has unlimited editing options like move, trim, split and do on. You can also do basic operations like cut/copy/paste, remove and cross fade. Some real time effects include, chorus, compressor, dual delay, reverse delay and many more.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Android App Review

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio app also has offline effects like fade in/out, normalise, reverse and pitch. Use grids to easily arrange and edit musical samples. Loops let you listen to a beat repeatedly. Place markers as you are working so you can quickly jump back to them. You can import file formats like Wav, Mp3, Aiff, Flac, and so on.


Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for Android is a very solid app with a very great feature listand a conventional approach. This conventional mode makes the app great for beginners who are inclined to create music and learn all the nuances of music industry. Hence, AEMS is certainly one of the best that is worth exploring. The app costs $6.99 to download with in-app purchases for Pro IAP subscriptions that has features to expand your studio.

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