AUTOSET Android App Review

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There are some features in your phone that you want to change or adjust in order to run specific apps. But if your phone got quite a few number of apps, it becomes a difficult process altogether. With Autoset (Android Automation Device Settings) for Android, you can automate this process so that you don’t have to do it every time with your bare hands. Autoset app can be downloaded for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


Autoset (Android Automation Device Settings) app for Android allows you to enable certain features – such as GPS – when you launch a particular app and disable it when you close said app. You can also tweak settings so that the phone screen might go brighter when you launch an app like Netflix. The same goes while launching the navigation app, when you obviously need the screen brighter and the phone to sound louder. You can also set the sound to be smaller automatically when you play the game. Similarly, users can use the app to set Bluetooth to turn on automatically when you run music app. Autoset for Android also comes handy to set time based profiles, such as your phone going silent at midnight. Further, you can use the app to prevent Wi-Fi from wasting your mobile data by automatically turning on Wi-Fi when you run the YouTube app. The app makes use of geofenching technology to turn your phone silent or otherwise when you are entering/exiting a specific location. The required radius in which the phone has to remain silent can be set manually by the user.

AUTOSET Android App Review

The UI layout of Autoset for Android is user friendly for most parts. The various options including browser settings can be accessed from a clear menu. The white theme looks nice on screen. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. It requires Android OS 5.0 and up.

Final Take

Autoset (Android Automation Device Settings) Android app allows you to automate the process of changing phone’s settings to user’s environment by monitoring application execution. You can set the settings to change according to specific app requirements and revert once that app is closed. The intuitive UI makes tweaking the settings a cake walk. We found the app to work glitch-less. It was also pretty stable throughout. Check it out if you find activating Android settings manually to suit individual app requirements quite cumbersome.

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