AutoSleep Tracker for iOS Review

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AutoSleep Tracker for iOS is a sleep tracking app available solely for Apple Watch. It automatically tracks your sleep with no effort needed in terms of button press and tap. You really need not have to wear the watch while sleeping. Just place it aside and when you pick it up in the morning, the app will know that you have woken up. It is that simple and easy. The app will also gather details and update it to Apple Health where you can get one consolidated report on your health.

Get to know your sleep well with AutoSleep Tracker

AutoSleep Tracker for iOS is as simple as wearing a watch. It is an effort free, frictionless experience and you will know how you have slept. Identifying sleep patterns help you live a healthy life. AutoSleep has you covered, whether you are a restless sleeper or don’t have the habit of wearing a watch, the app lets you customize the settings to match your needs and habits. The app uses various methods to track your sleep when you are not wearing the watch. The interface resembles a clock with color indicators of traffic light to present sleep time and quality.
The color indications are Green is good, yellow not as good and red is poor. The sleep graph indicates every important metrics you need to understand about your sleep patterns.

AutoSleep Tracker for iOS Review

Apart from the clock screen, you have Wellness and Sleep Hygiene Trends section. Wellness includes a grading system that indicates your physical and mental fitness and can know whether you have sleep debt or credit as compared to previous weeks data. Also, gives suggestion to help you maintain a good sleep Hygiene. The app is priced $2.99.

Best Automatic Sleep Tracker App

AutoSleep Tracker for iOS is the best way to analyze the quality of your sleep. The app uses the value of time take to sleep, restlessness, being awake and the heart rate to score your quality of sleep. You will get a comprehensive nightly analysis with all the required details. Just in case you do not wear the watch to bed the app simply calculates your total sleep time.

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