aWallet Cloud Password Manager Android App Review

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aWallet Cloud Password Manager for Android acts like a secure wallet for all your passwords. It could be credit card or credit card pins, ebanking credentials, bank account information, email passwords among others. aWallet stores this information and encrypts the data to your own cloud account, either Dropbox or Google Drive. All data is encrypted that includes the entry name and also the category. The app cost $3.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Get secured with aWallet

aWallet Cloud Password Manager Android app is quite a smart way to save all your information that needs to be secured and kept away from prying eyes. There are a few features that give this app an edge over others. This includes the built in editor. Using this you can change or create new categories and create a customized icon for each. The app allows you to backup information to a USB device and also restores the encrypted format. Unencrypted data can be exported in CSV format to the USB device. For a specific period of time you can preconfigure auto lock. It also backups data automatically.

Pro features are available for a single time in-app purchase. Some of the pro features include password generation, unlocking with fingerprint and ability to import CSV files. The password generated is strong and takes into consideration all the rules to be followed for the best password.
Apart from the encryption, it also has a master password for the app to unlock the data file. The encryption happens using algorithms like AES and Blowfish with key sizes of 256, 192 and 128 bits and it does not store any kind of clues to unravel the encrypted information.


aWallet Cloud Password Manager for Android helps us manage so well that you can think of having a separate passwords for each web account you own. The data is so safe that it supports automatic destruction of information when there are occurrence of unsuccessful unlocks.

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