Battleheart Legacy Android Game App Review

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Role playing games are always exciting. If a game gives you the chance to explore a magical realm, embark on quests and gain some useful skills, then the game becomes even more exciting. This is exactly what Battleheart Legacy for Android offers to you. If you are looking for some amazing role playing gaming action, then this is just the right app for you. The app costs $4.99 to download from Google Play.

Explore a Different World

Battleheart Legacy game for Android contains a real-time combat system that allows navigating and doing actions with just a few simple taps. You can explore a magical world, gain skills, fight enemies and meet friends as you unravel the mystery of the world. You can gain more 150 unique skills divided into 12 classes that include everything to wizardry to super-strength! You can collect up to 200 unique items for further customizing your player.

Battleheart Legacy Android Game App Review


Rich, detailed magic world to explore
Amazing VFX and animation
Awesome boss battles


Battleheart Legacy Android app offers everything that you can expect from a role playing game on your smart phone. Despite having such amazing graphics, the game is simple to play and runs smoothly on a range of devices. So, install the app and embark on a magical quest.

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