Beyond Helios Space Shooter iPhone Game Review

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Beyond Helios Space Shooter for iPhone is a retro inspired space shooter with procedurally generated battle fields. Your aim is to shoot through enemy waves and survive as long as possible. The difficulty levels increases as you progress. You can download Beyond Helios for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Shoot your Way

Beyond Helios Space Shooter for iPhone is a modern take on the retro space shooters found in arcades long ago. Your goal is to clear as many of the randomly generated battlefields as possible before all the ships in your squadron are taken out by enemy fire. A new battlefield is generated after each one you clear, so the game goes on as long as you can survive. But be careful that the battles get more chaotic and dangerous as you progress. Completing zones earns you gems that you can use to buy effects and upgrades for your ship, allowing you to go even farther and keep increasing your high score. It is all about your persistence and how quickly you manage to shoot down your enemies.

Beyond Helios Space Shooter iPhone Game Review

The battle is challenging. The difficulty levels amp up as you progress. But you got an option to choose from multiple difficulties to suit the level of challenge you desire.If you have a competitive bend of mind, you can compete against other players to find a place on the leaderboards. When you beat a level, you’ll win currencies, which you can spend on upgrades in the in-game shop. On the other hand, if you are a casual player, still the game has enough variety to keep you entertained. The retro graphics looks decent, so are the sound effects. Also there are no ads to disturb your game play. Performance wise, we found Beyond Helios to be quite slick and responsive. It requires iOS 8.0+.


Beyond Heliosgame for iPhoneis the perfect time killer, if you prefer spending your free time shooting invaders on screen. The game play is fast and requires whole of your concentration, especially as you progress. It is an unending format so you can play as long as you are alive. The graphics is good, if not great. Option to choose the difficulty level comes handy. It is nice that there aren’t any annoying ads to ruin your gaming experience. Those who want more action may opt for the Gem packs. Overall, a fun to play retro shooter game with procedurally generated battlefields.

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