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Bounden for Android is a mobile dancing app that features the Dutch national ballet. You need to play this with a partner. It has a mixture of twisters and ballet. The app mainly plays the role of a guide as you dance and entangle with your partner. You just need to turn into the app and then start moving synchronously so you could dance together. Enjoy the classical music and move around in the dance steps choreographed by Ernst Meisner.

Dance your heart out with this incredibly innovative app

Bounden for Android is a brilliant concept that can be played like a game coordinates easy, light exercises and turns a grumpy, low moment into a hilarious enjoyable one. The app helps you to move in the right direction even though there is actually no right or wrong way as long as you are following the path. To your surprise you will find yourself twisting, turning, swirling and ending up in a twister like knot during the process. You stay in tune with your partner in this unconventional game where you need to stay alive. Each of the dance routine has classical music recorded specifically for this purpose.

Bounden app developers and the Dutch national ballet dancers worked together to get the right choreography and look and feel as possible. Even if there I a prescribed format, you and your partner can dance the way you want to. As you practice, you get to become a professional ballerinas eye sore. It is quirky and totally unconventional app that brings about weirdness and awkwardness all at the same time. It turns your phone into a dance instructor. The app costs $2.25 to download from Google Play Store.


Bounden helps you gain confidence as a dancer. Whether you want to dance at a bar, during a date or at work, the app can always improve your performance and helps you play with others in tandem. You will find tutorial videos presenting professional dancers. View them to get the postures and moves right. There are about 6 to 7 dances available.

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