Bully: Anniversary Edition Game for Android

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Bully for Android is a gaming app that is based on a gripping tale of corrupt and crumbling prep school. You are 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins and bestowed to take on the real bad world of pranks and bullying. The Anniversary Edition of Bully game focuses on being bullied by invaders in Bullworth Academy. The aim is to defeat the rivals and rule the school. Being in the world’s toughest boarding school, does not make your job any easier as school officials turn a blind eye to the mayhem in the campus.

Bully and be bullied, in this chaos of a game

Bully: Anniversary Edition for Android is not the same as other games in its league. The gameplay involves frequent sprinting and travelling where you are challenged with a lot of do it and get that missions. You need to complete all the tasks within a limited time period. As a student you are required to attend all classes and get good grades. You will have classes for chemistry, English, art, biology, music, geography and maths. Each class will have game that has to be mastered within certain tries. Each successful attempt will be graded and if you fail to meet a grade you will be marked fail with a red cross.

Bully Anniversary Edition Game for Android

Getting pass grades in each subject you will achieve special attributes. There are scores of collectibles that you will find littered in the school compound. You will find new attires, arcade games, classes and specific school events as mini games. The interface and controls are very smooth and it can be both challenging and fun. Sync your game seamlessly across all the devices and continue Bully game from where you left. Bully app costs $2.49 to download from Google Play.


Bully: Anniversary Edition game for Android is an engaging game though there are fair amount of violence and swearing. The anniversary edition improves upon all the issues it had with the previous versions. You need to survive the school for a year standing up to the bullies, getting picked by teachers, playing pranks and losing friends.

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