Calibre Companion Android App Review

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Calibre Companion (CC), prescribed by Calibre Designers, is three app in one. They are, a magnificent gadget based calibre library coordinator, and a superior Wi-Fi based calibre gadget emulator, a calibre content server and cloud supplier (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive) customers.

Calibre Companion Android App Features

Book lovers presently have motivation to celebrate! The Calibre Companion app encourages Android clients to sort out their digital book library on their phone easily. Digital books, in spite of all discussion, have increased a gigantic prominence. There are various digital books coordinator accessible for work area PCs just as mobile phones. Calibre Companion app for Android has a great deal of highlights that would make it your favored digital book app for your Android phone. Along these lines, how about we look at a portion of the highlights that this app offers. Calibre Companion app is a gadget based calibre library coordinator. When you put books on your gadget utilizing one of the association strategies portrayed underneath you can see a book’s metadata (writer, labels, arrangement, rating, dates, and so on) It help you to sort and gathering books by their metadata. Also helps to see book records by spread or by list.

Another feature of the Calibre Companion Android App is that it marks books read and match up this data with calibre. It also dispatch your book reader app to peruse a book (works with most readers application aside from Amazon Kindle for Androids on non- Fire gadgets).CC can associate with calibre over Wi-Fi and be distinguished by calibre as a gadget. When associated, you use gadget to move books to and from your gadget. Calibre consequently refreshes all the book metadata put away by CC to coordinate the most recent in your library. CC can interface with calibre’s substance server or to your cloud supplier to read your library and download books to your gadget. Cloud suppliers right now upheld; a Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and calibre library on the gadget or on SD Card. CC is not a reader application. You should introduce and utilize one of the numerous magnificent reader apps accessible.


Sorting out digital book libraries can regularly be an incredible difficulty for digital book lovers. Calibre Companion Android app comprehends this by an incredible degree. The app cost $5.90 to download and is very easy to use. In this way, introduce the app today and make it simple to discover your book at whatever point you want to understand it.

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