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Periodic Table App for iPhone

Periodic Table App for iPhone Review

Now chemistry will not remain a mystery. Technology has enabled users, especially students who want to do something that can help them to improve their knowledge. Periodic Table app for iPhone provides information related to chemistry and its various elements. The app is an excellent reference application for Periodic Table in Chemistry. Features of Periodic […]

PicsArt for Kids iPhone App

PicsArt for Kids iPhone App Review

As a parent most of us are quite worried about our kids playing and learning habits. It is time to introduce this awesome iPhone application, tendering their needs in creative way. PicsArt for Kids iPhone app is a wonderful education application to create a new world of art for your kid. Easy interface and lots […]

ABCKit App for iPhone

ABCKit App for iPhone Review

ABCKit app for iPhone helps to teach kids the letters in English and Spanish based on the Montessori methodology. This early learning application – suitable for preschool, Kindergarten and older beginners – focuses on phonics throughout, and comes across as an ideal tool for those who want to teach Spanish/Catalan phonetically. You can get the […]

ClickySticky Trains App for iPhone

ClickySticky Trains App for iPhone Review

Trains have always been a fascination for little children. In an age when creativity was unhindered, many of us dreamed to become the person who drives an engine. Now ClickySticky Trains app for iPhone gives iPhone users to relive their old dream; to play with trains until you’re bored. Using the app, you can make […]

Visual Anatomy App for iPhone

Visual Anatomy App for iPhone Review

Visual Anatomy app for iPhone is an interactive reference and educational tool for students and common man alike. It educates you as to how the way body works underneath the skin. Visual Anatomy for iPhone can be downloaded for $1.99. The app also got a stripped down lite version that is available for free of […]

iStart Spanish App for iPhone

iStart Spanish App for iPhone Review

If you are learning Spanish, or is yet to make a mark on the intricacies of the tongue, iStart Spanish app for iPhone should be of great assistance. It is a tutor base Spanish language app for iPhone that takes you from the scratch to all the way to basic conversational level. It is a […]

Word Wagon App for iPhone

Word Wagon App for iPhone Review

Word Wagon App for iPhone was developed for beginning readers. Applications in iPhone on kid’s education have continued to be more sophisticated with the introduction of Word Wagon. It is a wonderful application from the developers at Duck Duck Moose that teaches letters, phonics and two levels of spelling. The iPad version of Word Wagon […]

Wheels on the Bus App for iPhone

Wheels on the Bus App for iPhone Review

Wheels on the Bus App for iPhone is an educational application that is designed to entertain a young child. Wheels on the Bus is a fun, interactive musical iPhone book based on the popular children’s song. It is an original production by Duck Duck Moose who is an award winning creator of children’s educational applications […]

iPhone Wolfram Alpha app

Wolfram Alpha App for iPhone

Wolfram Alpha is an academic’s delight. It is a comprehensive computational engine that does virtually anything and everything from scientific calculations, simulations, and biological structure modeling to engineering analysis, mathematical modeling, graphical analysis, and even complex mathematics solutions. It relies on its vast built-in data, algorithms, and methods to provide precise answers to your queries. […]

best apps pages ipad ipad2

iPad2 Best Apps Pages

Pages is an incredible iPad, iPad2 app that takes the work out of creative writing.  Well, some of the technical aspects anyway, the creativity is still up to you.  This app combines the best of word processing along with design tools and makes school reports, blogging and newsletters so easy to create from an iPad.  […]