Chambers Thesaurus Android App Review

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You can find many thesaurus apps in Google Play Store, some even free. But none is as comprehensive as Chambers Thesaurus for Android. If you are a writer, who might need a reference, or a word game enthusiast, you might find this app more than handy. Students will also find Chambers quite useful. The app may be downloaded for $4.99 from Google Play Store.

Perfect Reference for Everyone

Chambers Thesaurus app for Android features 40, 000 distinct indexed words, and a total of about 400, 000 synonyms and antonyms. That should be enough to cater to most people’s needs. They are arranged alphabetically so that you can easily browse through them if you wish, or search any particular word. When you perform search, you will get results as soon as you start typing. You are provided not only words that fit the spelling, but also similarly spelt words, those that sound similar, and those that are often confused for one another. It also suggest possibly correct spelling as you type. Users also have the option to filter search results by noun, verb, adjective, or adverbs.

Chambers Thesaurus Android App Review

Chambers Thesaurus for Android is designed to work with other apps as well. For example, you can bookmark entries and cross reference with the Chambers Dictionary or WordWeb apps (if you have them in your phone), or look the words up on Wiktionary, Wikipedia, or Google, all with a tap from Chambers Thesaurus. Such an association ensures that you will be able to find the meaning of a word always. The best part is that Chambers Thesaurus app stores all data locally. That is, you don’t need an active internet connection to use the app. It also got few customization options for changing the color theme, font size etc. The UI design is quite user friendly as well. It requires Android OS 2.3+.


Chambers Thesaurus app for Android is the perfect reference for writers and word game enthusiasts alike. It packs all the words and phrases that you’ll find across in literature or usage. The word meanings, part of speech, antonyms, and even similar or related words are all listed in an easy to read format. The search feature is robust. It is also easy to look up words that you don’t know. Cross reference options with third party apps such as WordWeb and Wikipedia come handy. As the thesaurus is downloaded as a whole package, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. It is also stable. Overall, a nicely designed thesaurus application that is worth checking out.

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