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Chambers Thesaurus for iPhone is an offline English thesaurus app used as reference for writers and other word game enthusiasts. It is the perfect way to build your vocabulary in English with nearly 40,000 distinct words and 400,000 synonyms and antonyms. It has intelligent correction and a good search feature that lets you easily search for words. The app provides a very quick and complete reference for each word with alphabetical listing and spelling suggestions.

Learn English, build vocabulary and speak it fluently

Chambers Thesaurus for iPhone has an intuitive and easy to use interface and the data upload is quick and smooth. The app stores all data locally so you do not require the internet connection to access the information. The bookmark feature will take you back to the previously referred word in an instant. The recent word and random word features also aids in searching the appropriate words. The app offers various views to easily read the information presented. On iPad, it also supports split view and slide over for easy viewing when interacting with other apps.

Chambers Thesaurus app packs all words and phrases used in the literary word. These words are arranged alphabetically that makes it easier to browse and search. The intelligent search features will display results as you are typing the word in the process auto correcting them as well. The search displays the possible spellings for the word you are typing. It not only provides the words that match the search criteria, but also displays similarly spelt words, similar sounding words, and words that are often confused with one another. There are many filter options and you can search for word based on its usage like the noun, verb, adjective or adverbs. The app costs $5.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

Best Offline English Thesaurus App

Chambers Thesaurus has integrated cross reference to offline and online dictionaries like Oxford, WordWeb and so on. The search uses pattern matching that is quite fast and intuitive. Students will also find this app very handy as they can use it for reference for their preparation. It has enough and more words to cater to everyone’s needs.

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