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Clean Text for iPhone is a text clean up tool best suited for magazine editors, webmasters, graphic designers, and web developers. This iOS utility helps reduce the amount of time spent editing text to fix simple issues that occur most often while handling text. Issues most commonly found are extra line breaks or spaces, empty lines, joining paragraphs and so on. The app automates most of the work of an editor. Apart from guiding the writing process, it makes sure the writers stick to the formatting standards of a particular publication.

Editing made easy with Clean Text

To start with, copy text you want to edit and paste it into Clean Text. The app solves text problems with a couple of taps. The Smart Clean and Compact tool fixes the most common problems in a single tap and performs cleaning up errant formatting to make email messages, documents and web pages look better. Clean Text quickly performs many essential text processing functions that an editor briskly does such as removing empty lines, removing unwanted spaces, converting tab characters, smart quotes, and more. Another tool, Clean Clipboard, works like Smart Clean, but without the need to paste anything into the app.

Simply copy, apply the desired fixes, then paste the scrubbed text wherever you want it to be. Also, use the iOS sharing extension to send a squeaky-clean version to a compatible reader. Tap the wrench button; it displays a pop-up sidebar full of options sorted by category. Some of the options are Fix, Quotation Marks, Change Case, Convert, and Pseudo Text. You will also find robust find and replace tools, including a regular expressions mode for advanced search.
Clean Text supports major iOS technologies like iPad multitasking Slide Over and Split View, Home screen quick actions, physical keyboard shortcuts and iCloud.


For people who are handling lots of text day in and day out like the webmasters, graphic designers, web developers and magazine editors, Clean Text for iPhone is a blessing in disguise. The app costs $3.99 and requires iOS 10 and above.

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