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Cleartune for iPhone is a tuner app that allows you to quickly and accurately tune your musical instruments. It is a chromatic instrument and pitch pipe. The app can tune acoustic or electric guitar, bass, bowed strings, woodwind, brass, piano, and any other instruments that can sustain a tune long enough for the iPhone’s built in Mic allow the app to read it.

Tune into Cleartune

Cleartune iPhone app has an interface that is well-drawn and highly functional. A glance at it and you will know how it will function and what it is you will have to do. You will find that the wheel has musical notes written on it. The wheel will spin around a pointer at the top. As you tune your musical instrument, the wheel will spin around the pointer and then hold the position of the note being played into the microphone. The longer turns green when the dial hits a true note. You now know that your musical instrument is ready. There are other options in the app that brings in more features to you. The padlock button at the bottom of the screen makes the dial turn only when a full note is hit. The tuning fork symbol on the right hand side reads out the note being played into the microphone. The pitch-pipe symbol on the left hand side allows the app to do the opposite. It displays the frequency as well as the note being played on the dial. Select any note on the dial; it can be played over nine octaves and four waveforms.

Cleartune for iPhone gives the ability to customize temperament, for a few instruments the temperament is different from the pre-loaded settings. You can set the standard of A440 Hz to higher than A480 Hz. Cleartune is very easy to read even on smaller phones or from a distance and it us pretty straightforward to use. The default setting of the app is for it to automatically detect the pitch you are playing, you can also lock it to a specific note you desire. Cleartune is priced at $3.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

Best Chromatic Tuner

It is important that musicians and students have quick and easy access to a good tuner. It is an incredibly important tool in the music industry. For a straightforward and stand alone tuner, Cleartune for iPhone is a good, solid and an easy-to-use choice. It is only a tuner app and dies not have a recorder or a metronome.

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