Clipper Plus Clipboard Manager Android App Review

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Clipper Plus Clipboard Manager Android App helps you take control of your clipboard and manage it efficiently. There are at times you would have copied multiple things and you want them all. Not many are comfortable using the device clipboard. Anybody new to smart devices may not know how to access it other than doing the normal copy paste. The app makes things easy. It is prominent and you know how to access it. It takes control of your copy paste action and efficiently manages all the content in your clipboard. It is an effective way of copy and paste.

Clipper, the copy and paste manager

Clipper Plus Clipboard Manager Android App is an intuitive and powerful app. There are enough controls that are needed by a clipboard manager. No extra frills. The app simply saves everything you copy automatically. One can access all the saved clippings. The app can keep more than 20 new clippings. If the automatic cleanup is disabled completely, then the app can save more clippings.

The Clipper Plus Clipboard Manager App for Android can save clippings with the current time and date. The search feature allows you to easily find what you are looking for. Settings and options let you customize the clipboard features. The app let’s you copy paste content and also edit, view and share them.The app is organized and doesn’t let you copy over anything. With a single tap copy the clippings back to the clipboard. Mail them if you have any issues and suggestions.


Clipper Plus Clipboard Manager Android App is a powerful app that manages the clipboard efficiently. It lets you organize all that you have copied. It is easily accessed from the status bar and there are predefined snippets that allow quick copying into the app. The app cost just $1.41 to download and use. There are no ads.There are no additional in app purchases available in the app. The app has a free version that comes with limited features. Easily upgrade to the paid version and migrate all your data after installation. All purchases support the development team for further development.

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