Cloud Baby Monitor iPhone App Review

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Cloud Baby Monitor iPhone App is a baby monitoring app that helps parents monitor their babies effectively. It has high video and audio monitoring system that works well in Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and LTE. The app works well on Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires two devices to function. One works as the child unit. This should be kept in the room the child stays and the other is the parents unit. This will be with the parents. They can watch whatever the child does using the app in the parents unit. It does not require any additional configuration and has unlimited range.

Stay vigil, Stat safe with this baby monitoring app

Cloud Baby Monitor app for iPhone is simple, reliable and secure. It is one of the easiest baby monitoring apps. You just need to install the app in two devices and the devices will be connected automatically. Watch live videos of your baby from anywhere without any restrictions. The audio captures every breath, giggles and cries of the baby. The parent unit will receive alerts when there is a variation in the noise and motion..

With Cloud Baby Monitor iPhone App create a playlist of lullabies and control it remotely. The app also let you control the night light to watch baby sleeping. Adjust the intensity to control the brightness of the light. Come on live video and chat with the child to soothe them. You can have multiple child or parent unit. The network and battery status indicator will alert you of the status. The app works in Apple Watch as well and you get all the alerts and video on your wrist.


Cloud Baby Monitor iPhone app is a must for all working parents.This app has more features than the webcam and other baby monitoring devices. Video, audio, night light and lullabies along with multi monitoring option can keep you a loyal customer for years. The app cost $4.17 to download and use. There are no ads. There are no additional in app purchases available in the app.The family sharing feature will let up to six members of the family use the app.

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