Compass Pro Android App Review

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Compass Pro for Android is a professional compass and like any other original compass tells your position and the direction in relative to the rest of the world. For a serious travellers, a reliable compass is much needed as you will not find yourself lost in an unknown world. With the rise and popularity of GPS devices and smart watches, the need For a reliable compass to help you steer your way has been quite in demand, and, Compass Pro app has been touted to be the most simple and useful app in this genre.

Travel without fear, travel with Compass

Compass Pro for Android is the most convenient app especially for those who already use their smartphones extensively for outdoor activities. Download and install the app and your ready to go. You can set the directions by just swivelling the bezel in the app. You carry it in your pockets, use it whenever and wherever you need it. The interface resembles a real compass and is quite intuitive and simple to use. It has a card, a side window, a lubber line and a bezel. The card indicates the direction, North, South, East and West. It has a levelled edge with a series of number on it.

Compass Pro Android App Review

The red double line on top of the compass is the rubber line. The side window, which is a little window above the compass, displays the same number as you see in the card if you are moving in the correct direction as pointed by the lubber line. You point the lubber line on top of your compass. Hold the compass flat in front of you and the lubber line points at the direction you are moving. Bezel remembers the number when you are moving the right direction.


Compass Pro for Android is like the real compass that works around the world. A rotating bezel, degrees in a side window and displays all the four direction, Compass app is simple to use with a professional design. A great tool for travellers, military trainers, hikers, outdoor adventurists, and Wild life enthusiasts. The app cost $1.99 and has no ads or in-app purchases.

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