Cusp Dental Clinic Software Android App Review

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Cusp Dental Clinic Software is a medical categorized android application developed by Cherry Software. As the name of the app suggests, the application is basically developed for dental clinics. It aims at managing the entire system of the dental office using our phones, tablets or even on PC or Laptop by using Bluestacks. The cloud edition of this app enables the access into patient’s database simultaneously from all our devices which has this app. The users can upgrade the app to access the Cloud edition which needs to be subscribed in yearly or monthly basis.

How it works

The user interface of  Cusp Dental Clinic Software android app is simple and easy to understand for fresh users. It includes patient’s complete health records and also there is an SMS alert to aware patients about their check-ups. The application is protected with security password and the default password is 0000. The patient lists are updated using 4 types of sorting and they can be identified using their name and mobile number. Medical history of the patient is added along with their signature, photo etc. The accounting book list out the payments and treatments made by the patient and also the annual report of the clinic with incomes are been calculated. It also lists whether any due is there on payments and also the expenses, bills and net profit are also been described.

The Cusp Dental Clinic Software android app also has facility to send prescription and appointment remainder to patient through SMS or E-mail. The appointments can be managed effectively which synchronizing with Google Calendar. The procedures of the clinic and the price catalogs can also be manages through the application. Lists such as drugs list, Insurance health plans list, Dental materials list, treatment categories along with statistics can also be controlled using the app. The data can be backed up and remote access to the data from another device is possible with the help of Dropbox. The application manager or the head of the dental clinic can take the print of folder of the patent, tooth chart, payment history etc.


The Cusp Dental Clinic Software android app supports different languages such as English, Italiano, Russian, Bengali etc. It includes in-app purchases and the Cloud edition is a major up-gradation. The app is of smaller size and can be purchased from Google Play Store for $66.05. It requires access to calendar, camera, contacts, phone etc. Overall this application is a must have one for all dental clinic running owners and it helps all the patients and make the system more user friendly and easily manageable.

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