Debt Manager iPhone App Review

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Debt Manager iPhone App is an app that helps you handle debt payments. The main goal is to help you get out of debts by making it a workable target. It is very important to pay your debts to maintain a healthy finance. The interest that you may have to pay on non payment of debts will be heavy and will eat away your savings. Debt Manager app for iPhone keeps all your debts in order and gives you the best ways to clear them faster. The app makes it possible by using the debt snowball method which is an effective way toclose multiple debts. It is a simple strategy recognized by leading financiers that saves a lot of time and money.

Save your finances, Stay away from debts

Debt Manager app for iPhone with a simple and user friendly interface helps you through the process of managing your debts with quick and clear results. You need to type your information and try different strategies. There are various strategies like, lowest balance first, highest interest first, or highest balance first. You can also customize and have your own strategy. You can enter unlimited debts that will be individually analyzed. Enter payments as a percentage of balance and the rates starts from 0%. Support monthly, weekly and fortnightly payment periods.

All transactions are entered against each debt. This could be purchases or any other expense that can be entered monthly, yearly or whenever it is incurred. You will see that it increases the debt balance. Try out scenarios by changing the interest rates or the monthly payments. Create interactive reports of the debts and its analysis. Convert it to formatted pdf or html that can be exported and sent through email. Calculators are also available to help you calculate the payments, dates and any benefits.


Debt Manager for iPhone is a handy app that is such a life savior. It helps you with frequent prompts and presents your data graphically with visuals to represent the progress of your debts. The app is not free and you need to download by paying $1.25. There are no in app purchases or ads

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