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Dictionary.com for Android is a dictionary and thesaurus app available in Google Play Store. It is one of the top rated apps in books & reference category. This dictionary app is useful for education, learning new vocabulary, advanced word lover and the English language student. With over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms, Dictionary.com is the leading English dictionary app for Android. The premium version includes all new upgrades, doubling the content in the app for just a price around $3.99. Additional features in the premium version includes Example Sentences, Encyclopedia, 4 additional dictionaries and more. It is also ad-free.

Learning English The Techies Way

Dictionary.com app for Android will let you easily search definitions and synonyms offline by installing the offline dictionary. Access the offline dictionary anytime and anywhere, you do not need an internet connection. But, voice search and audio pronunciation requires internet connection. Other features of this app include, Word of the Day, Articles of fun topics on language, grammar, and words, Slideshows on fascinating facts about language, Favorite words and search history, interesting etymologies on the origin of words, Local lookups to see which words are being searched near you, Spelling suggestions, Advanced learner’s dictionary.

Apart from the features discussed above, the premium version comes with additional features. This includes, Translator in more than 20 languages, Slang Dictionary, with 19,000 definitions, Medical Dictionary, with 35,000 definitions, Science Dictionary, with 20,000 definitions, Rhyming Dictionary, with more than a half million rhymes, Encyclopedia by Collins, Example Sentences, with 850,000 examples, Grammar & Tips, with thousands of tips and notes, Idioms & Phrases, with more than 10,000 modern idioms.


The free version of Dictionary.com for Android will retain the dictionary and thesaurus, as well as the daily slideshows, word of the day, blog and trends. The developers have built a quiz widget into the app to test your vocabulary. Every day, the app will send a push notification with a multiple-choice word quiz.

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