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djay 2 for iPhone is a bestselling app suitable for DJs with a smart phone. A professional DJ needs a lot of practice to get to the top of the ladder and djay 2 app gives you the right opportunity to do so in your way. It let you mix and beat music and make you feel that you are in front of hundreds of music lovers. It transforms your device into a full-fledged DJ system that easily integrates the music library and other music app present in the smart phone.

Groove to the music and Rock the party

djay 2 for iPhone is intuitive, simple and yet powerful. It lets you easily access all your favorite songs and playlists and blows your mind with great audio quality. Integration with iTunes and Spotify lets you seamlessly access all your collections to create a great mix. Automix feature lets you automatically mix your favorite playlists. djay 2 app has various audio effects that can be customized, like, flanger, phaser, echo, gate, and bit crusher. There are around 30 additional audio effects available through in-app purchases.

You can easily add music and songs to the platters, just tap the music not on the digital platter to add a song on each platter. Like a real record, you will find that the needle will keep moving and you can skip tracks or come back and forth using the needle. Adjust the BPM using the side bars next to the platters. Also set the levels for low, mid and high levels of each track. Cloud services integration helps you sync data and made available through all platforms.

The award-winning DJ app

djay 2 for iPhone is great for your ears as well as eyes. Whether you would want to blow your mind or perform live shows or may be just record mix on the go, djay is the answer. You can be a beginner or a professional or a music lover, djay gives one of the best experiences for anyone anywhere in the world. The app cost $4.99 to download with in-app purchases for different audio effects pack collections.

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