Drop The Chicken 2 The Circus iPhone App Review

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Drop The Chicken 2 The Circus for iPhone is a brain gaming app which is a fully animated and addictive brain training puzzle game with 100 mind blowing levels to conquer. The game hero “Chuck the Chicken” is captured by the circus’s evil monkey ring master and should find his way through each of type levels to win his girlfriend back and escape once again.

Saving Chuck, A Brainy Challenge

Drop The Chicken 2 The Circus for iPhone is one of the challenging and hilarious puzzle games in the iTunes App Store with 5 million players worldwide. You are provided with a mission to save chuck and his girlfriend. The puzzles are filled with surprising challenges along the journey in search of Chuck. Surprises are in all sizes and forms. It comes as a dive pool filled with bugs, elephants, shoot out cannons and other goodies straight from the circus. Animated circus characters enlighten the puzzles with a host of awesome new tools. The acrobatic tools help Chuck bounce and do the trapeze act with monkeys and fly around all the levels like a master acrobat. Brilliant use of tools help you save Chuck and find his girlfriend. Avoid the bombs, fire torches, lions and unicycle-riding, juggling bears. They will change the course of your mission.

Drop The Chicken 2 game features 100 tricky puzzle levels played over five stages. You will get 5 bonus levels and hidden Easter eggs. You have leaderboard that show you points gained and where you stand. The game center has helping hands to get you out of sticky situations. Finishing all levels in a stage will open bonus levels where Chuck can refuel and gain some points. The app costs $0.99 to download from iTunes App Store.


Drop The Chicken 2 The Circus iPhone game is a fun, cool, animated and completely which is exclusively for iOS devices. When you finish all stages and levels will lead you to a free certificate of achievement with your name and score get displayed in the leader board master. Not too pricey with absolutely no ads or in-app purchases.

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