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Spy cameras and hidden listening devices are always a threat in this digital world. It could be in your conference room, hotel rooms you check into or even change rooms in apparel shops. Electronics Detector for iPhone helps you to detect such installations by sensing the electromagnetic waves emitted by electronics, including spy cameras and listening devices. You may download the app for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.

Find Hidden Spy Cameras

For the user, just turn on Electronics Detector for iPhone and it’ll display the value of electromagnetic radiation. It can be set to provide alert at two electromagnetic radiation values. The app provides two alert types: “Warning” and “Alert”. In case of ‘Warning’, the Indicator will change to amber color only, if electromagnetic radiation value is above the indicated value. Default setting is 55. It should be kept in mind that there is some level of electromagnetic radiation around (in the range of 30-50) and that is normal. In “Alert”, the indicator will change to red color and alarm will sound (if activated in app) and vibrate (if activated in phone and app). This happens if electromagnetic radiation value is above the indicated value. Default setting in this case is 90. The default setting can be changed easily using the Sensitivity Bar or Manual Input Overwrite to suit your environment.

To use the app, you got to find the ‘sensor area’ in your phone. Use your earpiece to roll around the back of the phone, and when the earpiece is close to the sensor area, the electromagnetic radiation value will definitely increase above the default Alert value of 90. Now, you got to use this sensor area to scan suspicious objects and surfaces. It should be kept in mind that the app gives off an alert if it senses an electromagnetic radiation of sufficient strength. Please double check the object yourself to confirm any suspicious installation. For best results, your phone should be <2 years old. The UI layout is user friendly. The radiation value is shown prominently. It is also stable. Final Take

Electronics Detector for iPhone is a great app to have if you are thinking of searching your area for hidden spy cameras. The app works best when searching among books, shelves, clothing, sofa cushions and soft toys. We tested the app in the latest iPhone and it worked just fine. One flip side is that the app detects and alerts if it senses any electromagnetic field of sufficient strength. But it might not be a suspicious installation necessarily. Hence you got to make sure about it before making the next move. Support for foreign languages helps non-English natives. Check it out if you are a frequent traveller and often stays in hotels or Airbnb rooms in different places.

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