Epic Digital Library for Kids iPhone App Review

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Epic for iPhone is an ebook app based on subscription service for kids age 2 to 12. It is an unlimited collection of over 25,000 ebooks of varied topics categorized in to different age levels. A virtual library that is visually beautiful with graphic novels, read to me picture books, audio books and also text only novels. There are so many different titles available for kids of different age group and this will prove to be heaven on earth if your kid is already an avid reader.

Leading Digital Library for Kids

Epic resents all the ebooks in a bookshelf categorized based on genre. You just need to tap a cover of a book you want to read or use the search option to fetch a book by keyword. As you open the book, you will find the synopsis of the content, estimated reading time, reading level, author and publisher. Swipe on the page to turn and tap on it to expand. Tap to bookmark the page and you can also adjust the brightness. The app tracks the number of books you have read, the no of pages flipped and the amount of time taken to read each book.

Earn reward points and badges as you keep reading books and also choose favorite so the app can remember your interests. This unlimited digital library for kids can be taken anywhere and read anytime. It does not need internet and you can read offline. There are two variations of the app, one for home use and one for educators. Epic for Educators is used by school teachers and librarians, where there are features to assign books to students and track their reading progress.

Unlimited Books for Kids

Epic Digital Library for Kids iPhone app is an award winning service of great books and learning videos from leading publishers. The series include National geographic Kids, Peter rabbit, Batman, Clifford and so on. Based on reading levels and interests, the app will make personalized recommendations for each child.Progress is tracked and a report is emailed to parents on s weekly basis.The app is free to download with a free 30 day trial period. There after, a monthly subscription of $7.99 will be charged.

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