Evoland Adventure Game for Android Review

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Evoland for Android is a role playing adventurous Nintendo style game. This genre of game has a mass appeal and it is the favourite of many. With brilliant set of tricks and great gameplay, it creates and maintains the excitement throughout. Drawn inspiration from games like Zelda and Final Fantasy, the game plays with your nostalgia by throwing one familiar element after another. The app costs $0.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Fight the greatest battle in Evoland

Evoland’s basic premise is that as a player you are time travelling over years. You follow a timeline that range over years. You guide the hero of the game, named Clink by default, through the various phase of the game. You go around with Clink to open chests, treasure, or just a save point. The chest could lead you to more monsters or a new weapon. So, in addition to the sword, you will get a bomb and a bow as well. The gameplay switches between combat, exploration and the puzzle solving. You need to overcome the dangers placed in your path, as you explore the landscape and conquer the world of Evoland.

Frequent and random encounters will interrupt your journey. Fighting them out is quite simple. You just need to select your attack command until you defeat all the enemies. You will later be joined by a woman, whose name is Kaeris, She needs your help to retrieve a crystal and save her village. The plot develops from here. The audio and background music is captivating. The graphics keeps changing as you make progress through the game, the style of presentation will keep changing over the timeline.


Evoland for Android is superb action adventure game with turn based battles to real time fights. There is plenty of humour and great moments in this classic game. The game evolves from an old school black and white 2D action to a full on 3D battle. It comes out in quite a few languages, they are, English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

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