EX Kernel Manager Android App Review

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EX Kernel Manager Android App is a tool app for all devices including Android and IOS. This app is developed by flar2. Aaron Segaert otherwise known as flar2. This provider is the driving force behind the ElementalX bit and the EX Kernel Manager App.

EX Kernel Manager Features

EX Kernel Manager Android App is an extreme apparatus for tinkering with your cell phone, it cause you to control each and every exhibition details of your telephone. On the off chance that you are established, and on the off chance that you are running a good part, you can change essentially everything. From the CPU power, Graphic department, Gestures, Memory, Miscellaneous. The Developers likewise gives you the choice to change the topic, and you can pick between the Dark, Black, Pink, Light and Paper, and those look great. Particularly on the Amoled screens. First of all, you have a Homepage that is called DASHBOARD. You have the entirety of the significant data, for example, CPU, GPU, Battery, and Memory and so on at look when you open the app. A CPU governor in Android controls how the CPU raises and brings down its recurrence because of the request the client is setting on their gadget.

The EX Kernel Manager App for Android has graphics which is exceptionally helpful when you like to tinker with the display setting. Gestures permit you to control lock screen motions, obviously if your bit help it. You can control Camera Launch motion. Also, Vibration, that one is self-exploratory; you can control the power of your vibration. In the element Memory you can control everything identified with memory, as Zram,KSM, and Virtual Memory. Zram is a Linux part includes that gives a type of virtual memory pressure. KSM is a portion highlight that makes it workable for a hypervisor framework to share indistinguishable memory pages among various procedures or virtualized guests. Virtual Memory is a memory the board ability of an OS that utilizations equipment and programming to permit a PC to make up for physical memory deficiencies by briefly moving information from RAM to disk storage. Under the tab Miscellaneous you will discover everything that isn’t under the others.


On the off chance you are a tinker, and you recognize what is going on with you, at that point you most probably definitely realize this is an absolute necessity have app for you. EX Kernel Manager Android App is incredible, it has all that you need and no such limits. The app is available in the Google Play and cost just $2.11 to download and use.

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