Final Fantasy VI Android App Review

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Final Fantasy series has been one of the most successful video-game franchises since 1987. Over the last 3 decades or so, the game’s success rates have prompted to spawn a lot of remakes and sequels in addition to making them available across all gaming platforms. Final Fantasy VI for Android, as the title indicates, is the sixth one in the sequence and has been receiving widespread acclaim ever since its release. The game’s Android version is also no different, which replicates almost all the original effects of the good old game in your small screens. Final Fantasy VI game is priced $15.99 to download from Google Play.


Though the user has to take up the role of as many as 14 different roles in the game, the major focus is on a young girl named Terra who joins and leads a group of rebellious militants called as ‘The Returners’, against the evil forces of the Empire. During their journey, a bunch of other significant characters also join them like Edgar the King of Figaro, his brother Sabin , Banon the leader of the Returners etc , to name a few. The story traverses through a number of locales from both real and magical worlds where the user can experience almost all the thrills and emotions associated with an action adventure saga.

Final Fantasy VI Android App Review

Final Fantasy VI Android app is designed as an ode to the old video game released in 1994. Therefore the graphics and the other stuff can never be compared to the advanced 3D technicalities of today’s games. The size is also a bit large at more than 630 MB that you often wonder where all of them have been spent. However, it is not quite easy to recreate the good old 16 bit golden RPG games again which the developers of the game have achieved quite successfully. Some of the locations, background visuals, character sketches etc have undergone changes while the others still look the same as before. The controls and the playing procedure should take some time to get used to. There is a virtual 8-direction D pad and other navigation options on the screen which does not seem uncomplicated at all. To ease things up, there are tutorials and help pop-ups throughout the game to assist whenever you feel any kinds of difficulty. The game is content driven and as a result, more than any advanced technical aspects, what wins your liking will be the fantastic plotline, epic characters and the surprising twists and turns.


Final Fantasy VI for Android is definitely worth a try for all those game lovers who want to experience the most popular 16 bit RPG game in their mini Android screens. It brings about all the essence that was associated with its original video game though there aren’t anything much to boast of from the technical departments.

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