FlickType Keyboard iPhone App Review

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FlickType Keyboard iPhone App is a keyboard app designed specifically for Apple Watch. It is a QWERTY keyboard which has the complete functionality of an iPhone keyboard. Apple Watch is now becoming less dependent on iPhone. There are several new apps released in App store that has given Apple Watch advanced features that has paved way to independence. You can now completely think of going out for a walk or run with just an Apple Watch ditching your phones.

Send and reply to messages with ease on an Apple Watch

FlickType Keyboard App for iPhone has given Apple Watch a complete typing experience with a QWERTY keyboard. You can type out messages that can be sent through Apples Messages App. The entire process of typing out message, hitting Send and choosing recipient is smooth and seamlessly easy. Using the familiar keyboard layout has made thing pretty easy with FlickType Keyboard. Backspace key is provided to delete words. The plus key can be used to access additional features available in the device to type numbers and characters.

With FlickType Keyboard, you will now realise that you don’t need a phone to type messages but directly use your watch. So long the device lacked the user friendliness in typing messages. The app has completely resolved this issue. Scribble is the most used feature of the device to type out punctuation and numbers. Use the Digital crown to scroll around the keyboard. It is the best app to make Apple Watch completely user-friendly and help you go phone free.


FlickType Keyboard iPhone App is smart and fast with high level of simplicity. You can type real quick like in a phone and like in any other phone it gives accuracy with other similar words. The app is extremely useful for people who are blind as it allows you to type by speaking to the device. You can use it eye free which is great for your eyes. The app costs just $1.99 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developers. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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