Fliplomacy Puzzle Game for iPhone Review

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Fliplomacy for iPhone is a fantastic puzzle game wherein you play a diplomat tasked with maintaining order and peace to the board. But be careful that every step you take might win friends and antagonize few. The app may be downloaded for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Move, Jump, FLIP

In Fliplomacy game for iPhone, the basic premise is that there is a state of crisis on the board, and many have changed sides. You got to make the right moves to flip everyone on your side. Each of the puzzles need to be finished in a certain number of moves. You can take your own time to do it, as your own pace. Check the top-right of the screen and yes, you also got to avoid obstacles. As you play, Fliplomacy for iPhone introduces new game mechanics and teaches you how they work. The game play is definitely challenging. You got to do lots of brain scratching to solve the puzzles. The visual style of Fliplomacy for iPhone is distinctive and carries a minimalistic aesthetic to it. The game is rendered in isometric 3D appearance that is fairly popular these days. The tiles have a depth to them, so it pop out against the soothing color gradient backgrounds. The diplomat is a voxel style humanoid and it looks nice. The flags are simple and basic, like the ones you expect on a golf course. Animations are slick and smooth, without any lag or choppy frame rates. The atmospheric and ambient soundtrack is soothing, and is perfect to unwind after a hectic day.

Fliplomacy iPhone game got 150 puzzles and that should last few good hours. Controls are intuitive at best. Leaderboard integration gives you a perspective of where you stand on a global competitive index. The app requires iOS versions 8.0 or higher.

Best Game for Puzzle Lovers

Fliplomacy game for iPhone is about bringing the rebels to your side and bringing order to the board. The puzzles are challenging and requires lots of brain scratching. The best part is that there is no time limit. The constraint is the number of moves and you got to solve the puzzles within stipulated number of moves. The isometric 3D appearance looks gorgeous. Controls are intuitive, while the animations are smooth. The background score is soothing as well. Check it out if you love puzzle games with a different concept.

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