Forgotten Memories iPhone Game App Review

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The iTunes App Store is full of games that are fun and exciting. However, sometimes our heart wants something else. It wants a more unique, a more immersive gaming experience. If you are feeling the need to play such a game, then Forgotten Memories for iPhone is an app that you should try out. This is one game that goes beyond the conception of ‘everyday gaming’.

Explore a Mysterious New World

It would be a bit hard to classify Forgotten Memories for iPhone into a specific genre of gaming. It could be termed as ‘survival horror’ game. In Forgotten Memories, you would take the role of Rose Hawkins, a strong-willed mother who is searching for Eden, her missing child. She wakes up in a place she doesn’t know. This starts her journey where she would confront her deepest fears. The game offers immersive gaming experience with various challenges like limited ammo, adaptive enemies and many such other challenges

App Highlights

Smooth 3D graphics
Immersive and challenging game play
Accurate touch controls
MFI controller support


Forgotten Memories game for iPhone is in fact one of the most interesting games on the iTunes Store. The game would surely entice you with its amazing graphics and engaging graphics. So, install the app and explore a mysterious new world.

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