Gorogoa Android App Review

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The interactivity of Gorogoa Android App is entirely unique, include sumptuously represented boards that players orchestrate and join in innovative manners to unravel baffles. Perfectly basic, yet satisfyingly complex. Jason Roberts made a great many fastidiously definite hand-drawn outlines, enveloping the amazing extent of Gorogoa’s own story. Gorogoa isn’t only game4 it’s a artwork, conveying everything that needs to be conveyed through heartfelt, beguiling representations and recognized riddle mechanics. The app is available in Google play store and costs $4.72 to download and use.

Gorogoa Android App Game Features

Even though Gorogoa Android App is a riddle game, yet it’s not normal for anything you have played before. Sure, there are traces to different titles, echoes of forming unthinkable pathways in Monument Valley, and swapping funny cartoon boards in Framed so the hero can proceed with his adventure. However, Gorogoa App for Android is a substantially more mind boggling and expound creation. It may not appear it from the start, with its fundamental structure of an in pairs matrix of square boards to move around. However, it’s what occurs inside them that is the cunning piece, uncovering world inside worlds. A story supports everything, despite the fact that the account is obscure. It appears to concern a kid on a journey to gather a lot of enchanted articles, to stop an irate beast that is rampaging around his neighborhood. However, finding and getting to these articles is more difficult than one might expect. In Gorogoa’s reality, boards can be zoomed and looked over, in this manner turning out to be windows into shockingly broad spaces.

Additionally, the Gorogoa App edges can frequently be expelled from a board, uncovering further regions to investigate and afterward overlaid somewhere else. For instance, you may put a staircase outline on another board, to enable the chap to advance toward a generally blocked off entryway. This sort of rationale is the core of Gorogoa and despite the fact that the answers for the different riddles and barricades are the first genuinely self-evident, they don’t remain as such for long. By the game’s third demonstration (of six), muscles are flexed and Gorogoa continues to happily rack your minds in. Every now and again, your visual recognition is overturned, and you quickly find your capacity (or scarcity in that department) to spot designs.


Only occasionally does Gorogoa’s pull diminish, during its more obtuse moments. Late on, you can become lost in the game’s many moving parts, going round in circles when the way forwards is far from clear. Mostly, though, what you get is a few hours of deeply rewardi9ng, frequently surprising puzzling, perfectly suited to touchscreen play.

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