Graphing Calculator Plus iPhone App Review

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Graphing Calculator Plus iPhone is a calculator app that can perform basic to advanced level calculations. It is a simple and perfect replacement of hardware calculators that were used for complex calculations. There is no constraint on age or the skill level to use this calculator. Anybody can use it anywhere to do basic math or complex equations. The app will handle everything with ease. Be it polynomials or to draw a 2d graph, you get the result instantly. The app is powered by math core supported by math display that helps increase the functionality of the calculator. It is quite popular as you do not have to carry your big graphing calculator around.

Calculate everything from A to Z

Graphing Calculator Plus App for iPhone is all that you need when you have some serious math to crack. The app has the same look and feel of a real graphing calculator. It calculates everything from basic calculations to intersections and functions. Use it to easily solve polynomials and integral functions. The calculator is universal with accurate mathematical display.

You can export and edit expressions. View history of calculations. Supports smooth zoom and transformation of 2d graphs. Plot intersections, box, and get min, max, parametric, sequences and polar. Create and edit lists of one or two variable. Regression is available for linear, cubic and quadratic. Try the various examples of source codes. There are 15 different bases and supports up to 64 bits integer. The app also has binary operations.


Graphing Calculator Plus iPhone App is an ideal app for math students, engineers and those working in the finance sector. The app comes with a detailed user manual to help you understand how to use the app. It also has a tutorial which can answer all your queries. You just have to type the equations, formula or expression the way it is. It is a graphing calculator in every way possible. Graphing Calculator iPhone app does almost everything including, programming, statistics, equations, regression, matrix, 2D graph and more. The app cost $4.99 to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

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