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gReader Pro is used as a commercial feed reader for Android devices that supports Feedly, the Old Reader, and local feeds. The app is probably the highest rated app that you can find on Google Play when it comes to feed readers for Android. gReader Pro supports the two online services Feedly and The Old Reader, and local feeds.

Feeding with Good Reads

Feeds can be added in many ways. Either type the feed url directly in the Add Subscription screen, or load an opml file that is stored on your Android device or use the built-in search or browser to find feeds of interest. Once you have added feeds to the application, it starts to pull articles from those feeds automatically, silently and incredibly fast. gReader Pro for Android collects all unread items and presents them in an attractive menu. You can either choose to read every single item in one continuous stream or you can pick a site and read the contents. Tapping on a news item opens up a dedicated screen presented with the article.

gReader Pro Android app displays articles from individual feeds, or a combined feed in a list format by default. You can change to grid or card format. Change the sorting order from newest to oldest. Disable Rich List which displays only titles in the listing. Enable Mark on Scroll to automatically mark articles read when you scroll past them. Tap on the audio icon, the voice reader reads the article to you in German, English, Spanish, French or Italian. Opening the next or previous article instantly makes for a great experience. You can enable offline reading and the automatic download of articles always or only when connected to Wi-Fi. The pro version removes all ads and introduces a couple of extra features such as the automatic downloading of audio or video content while synchronizing or custom notification support which enables you to create special notifications for select RSS feeds. The app costs $3.99 to download from Google Play.


If you are a heavy net user then getting RSS feeds sent directly to your phone is a real bonus and saves you time and effort. gReader Pro has been around for quite some time and has established itself as one of Android’s leading Google Reader applications.

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