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Those in the late 30s and beyond might have used/seen the Kodak cameras that clicked photos on 24 shot film rolls. In those days, after you finish the last shot of the film, you have to wait an hour to reload the film. Once you finish the roll, you have to wait full 3 days for the development processing to see the photos. Gudak Cam for Android virtually recreates this delay before you’ll be able to view the photos. The app may be downloaded for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

What is Gudak?

The term ‘Gudagdali’ is an old Korean term for ‘outdated.’ In the digital era, where we can ‘undo’ a lot of things, the app attempts to bring back ‘thrill’ of choosing and cherishing moments. Gudak Cam for Android is a throwback to the Kodak camera days. It works like any other camera app. But you got to wait for three days while your photo fake develops. The app forces you to capture the right moments in one-shot rather taking a number of pictures and choosing the best one from the lot, as we do these days. That is, you don’t have an undo option.

The Kodak like UI looks nice. After you click a roll, it tells you the time to wait before the photo appears. Some people had complained that they’re not able to view the photos even after the wait. Some others found the photos upside down. It shows that Gudak Cam for Android is not without its share of glitches. It is not a finished product yet, and it does not augur well with a paid app. We found Gudak Cam for Android is stable enough. The glitches are internal. Hopefully, it will be solved soon. The app requires Android OS versions 4.4 and upwards.

Final Take

Gudak Cam for Android takes you back to the era of films when you had to wait for three days to get it processed. The app simulates the delay, and hence you can only be able to view the photos after the delay. Also you are required to click the photos at the right moment as there is no ‘undo’ option. The UI design is vintage. It is also user friendly. The app is not glitch free though. For a paid app, that is unacceptable. Overall, a camera app that emulates the cameras of the old. Check it out if you’re curious.

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