Halide Camera iPhone App Review

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Halide Camera for iPhone is a fantastic camera app which suits the need of an amateur or a pro. It has high end features that make a deliberate and thoughtful photography. It is an app that lets you take a real photo even when you are taking that quick snapshot. The app can be customized based on your needs. You can take advantage of all kinds of optimizations and other private APIs.

Get the best picture with the best possible effects

Halide Camera for iPhone has an intuitive interface that is beautiful and has smooth controls. The interface is totally customizable and can be easily operated with a few taps. The best quality shots can be taken with it as it is capable of capturing in RAW, TIFF, HEIC, JPG. Along with powerful manual focus it also has focus peaking for iPhone above 5S and later. Supports three mode, intelligent, automatic and manual. Both front and back camera are capable of capturing the depth. It has grid overlay that has built in level. The manual controls also include shutter speed, ISO and white balance with live histogram for iPhone 6 and above.

Halide Camera for iPhone gives more comprehensive photography that is a great pleasure for professionals. You will not find much difference between the device camera and Halide Camera but still gives a fine grained control over the quality of the picture. The camera work very well with portrait mode and capture fleeting moment with full justice. Not just photos, you can capture videos as well which is equally great and gives the best of results.

Professional Camera App

Halide Camera for iPhone is a professional tool that also makes life of an amateur easy. The app has all the professional features like focus speaking, detailed histogram, adaptive level grid and RAW support. As the images are saved as jpeg or HEIC, storage space it occupies is also less. Halide Camera shoots raw which gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to edit a picture. The app is available in about 11 languages and requires iOS 11.0 or later. The app is priced $5.99 to download and use.

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