HYPERSPEKTIV iPhone App Review

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HYPERSPEKTIV is a free to download powerful video and photo effects app available in App Store. HYPERSPEKTIV is used to create beautiful and amazing visuals, music videos and is perfect for Instagram, Facebook and other marketing needs. Featured as best new app by App Store, it is a reality distorting game changing app with extreme power and usability.

Immerse in an Augmented Distorted Reality

HYPERSPEKTIV for iPhone has intuitive interface that is fast and easy to make great visuals. There is a quick tutorial which you can go through to get hand of the app. Top part of the interface is a small toolbar with the app logo and a button to switch between front and rear cameras. At the center of the app is a large square preview window where most of the work of adding and previewing the effects is done. Bottom part of the interface is the filter gallery that has different live effects. You can creatively and powerfully edit live videos with its large and varied filter gallery. Each filter is editable with preset options. Trace your finger along the preview screen to move between settings for the video effects. All effects can be added and controlled live while taking videos and this is what makes HYPERSPEKTIV a revolutionary creative tool. You trace vertically to control one set of effects and horizontally to control another set. You can also control and view video effects in standing-by mode.

There are several filters of different categories. Tap on the filter name to open the individual pre set options. You can fine tune the look of the filter before you start filming. You will find a large record button at the very bottom part of the interface. Tap it to start and stop filming. A small camera icon Next to it is used to take pictures of video effects currently being filmed. You can take photos using the app but you cannot edit existing photos. Once you are done with recording, you can either save or share it or exit by tapping the “Done” button.


You can explore a new creative side of yourselves with HYPERSPEKTIV for iPhone. In the latest version, you will find a live VJ mode where through HDMI or Airplay, you can take your visuals to a larger stage or in your own living room.

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