iBird Pro Guide to Birds iPhone App Review

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iBird Pro for iPhone acts as a field guide to all the birds nestling in North America. There are about 963 species of birds in the continent and this best selling app helps in identifying each one of these birds. Photo Sleuth feature available as in app purchase helps identify the birds of North American origin from even a poor quality photo. The data is available offline so you need not require the internet to refer.

An encyclopedia of birds for the hardcore bird watchers

iBird Pro iPhone app serves as a reference guide for birds with frequent updates on features and content that makes it complete. You can enjoy seeking knowledge on thousands of bird species with this one app. The IAP features lets you search for birds in various search filters. You can search for birds by activity during day or night, dawn or dusk and so on. GPS location will let you find out all the birds around you. Each data about the bird will also have illustrations, field marks, range maps, songs and calls. Find common, uncommon and very rare species. iBird app aids experienced and novice birders to find and learn about the bird species.

Description for each bird species includes details on appearance, habitat, behavior, conservation, size, weight, color, shape etc. You can also share the pages over mail, messages and other social media like Facebook and Twitter. iBird Pro app includes both illustrations and photographs of each bird. The data also includes migratory routes, subspecies maps for about 40 species. Search for birds by common name and Latin name as well.

Best Field Guide App to North America

iBird Pro Guide to Birds iPhone app is for those keen ornithologists for whom such amalgamation of data really matters. The latest features include updates directly from American Ornithological Union. The updates include new splits and changes to common names, families, orders and so on. The North American database is supplemented by its counterparts including databases from countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, Hawaii and Palau. The app is priced $16.99 to download and has in-app purchases for select features.

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