Infinite Flight Android App Review

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Infinite Flight is one of the most comprehensive a flight simulation app available in Google Play Store. Whether you are a beginner or a pilot, it gives one of the most comprehensive flight simulation experiences on mobile devices. It is addictive and fun for a true flight simulation fanatic. You will get to enjoy beautiful sceneries and locations around the world once you master the diverse fleet of aircraft. It is one of the engaging online flight simulators available where you can join other pilots and air traffic controllers for all encompassing experience.

Let’s Fly Around the World

You will get a welcome page when you launch Infinite Flight Android app for the first time. The welcome page takes you through a coaching process. You will find yourself in the cockpit of a small Cessna on autopilot and the ride will help you familiarize with all the controls. You will get educated on some basic flight mechanisms like, virtual speed, altitude, heading, airspeed, and maneuvers. You will learn to turn and climb and do both. Also, the tutorial will adjust the accelerometer of your device to suit the flight simulation. Several parameters of the game can be customized like the weather, time of the day, location and aircraft. Weather selection can be between velocity, visibility, wind direction and gusts. Time of day includes day, night, sunrise and sunset.

Infinite Flight for Android offers over 140 airports across dozens of regions and several airlines to choose from like the Lufthansa, British Airways, US Airways, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, UPS, South African and many more. In Infinite Flight, selecting and riding airplanes is a great experience for a true flight aficionados. With every new update, new planes are added. Half of the planes are available through in-app purchases. It is through trial and error that you get to master the controls. You have both button controls and tilt controls and combination of both. Different aircrafts have different levels of difficulty and you will learn to master controls as you master the aircraft. As you keep learning, you will get to enjoy the game plan. The aircrafts are meticulously detailed with spectacular lighting.


Infinite Flight for Android has an excellent selection of aircraft from Cessna to Boeing, from Airbus to Cirrus, small and large, military aircraft and space shuttle. Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator for Android is priced at $4.99. You have subscription options for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months.

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