Insect Identifier Android App Review

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Insect Identifier for Android is used for the sole purpose of identifying the various kinds of insects. It aids in the study of insects, entomology and also can be used by pest control companies who need to identify the pest to ensure the right solution to eradicate them. With such nature apps, it is easy to just walk around the wilderness and just wander to find out the kind of insects and learn more about it.

Find the bugs around you

Insect Identifier for Android is a professional insect identification app that helps you identify any kind of insect with its artificial intelligence. It is quite simple to operate and find. You just need to capture a photo of the insect and upload in the app. The app uses machine learning technique and will give you the entire taxonomy of the insect. There is a strong team of professional who are scientists and entomologist working to answer all the questions so you get the best result. The result provided is also quick. The app instantly identifies any bug, be it spiders, wasps or butterflies, you will get the entire details in a blink. The database is collaborated and maintained by scientists a round the world. Maintain your own diary of the captured insects, so you need not have to search the database again.

Insect Identifier Android App Review

You can also extend your study to Wikipedia and gather information and note it down in the app. Use the app anytime anywhere and gives you the flexibility as you travel around the world gathering information. Insect Identifier app is priced $4.99 to download from Google Play Store.


Insect Identifier for Android is quite comprehensive and covers almost the entire insect family and keeps updating with new types and information. You really don’t have to be an entomologist or a pest controller to use this app. You can be a gardener, a wanderer, a travel addict or some one trying to check if there are bed bugs in the hotel. Whichever, you need to pay a small price to download and use this app. The app requires Android 5.0 and up.

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