iVerify iPhone App Review

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iVerify iPhone App helps you detect if the iPhone has been hacked. The app uses technology to perform periodic scans. The iVerify app is developed by security firm, Trail of Bit and it detects all kind of security breaches with your iPhone. It detects and shows how secure your device can be maintained. The technology world has been taking considerable steps to be protected against virus, hackers and malware. It has not been easy to give a fool proof solution. Hackers have always found new ways to get their way through any security measures. The app comes to the rescue for iOS devices that protects it effectively.

Secure the phone and be safe from hackers

iVerify app for iPhone is easy to use and setup. The app is not an antivirus package and it does not prod into the internal processes of the iOS or scans other apps information. The app just tries to find the vulnerabilities and reports it to the user. It safeguards the phone from any kind of attacks. The developers had done extensive research from the past hacking experience. Based on the study, the hacking is done by exploiting flaws that may be present on the device.

The iVerify iPhone App has been designed to scan the device on a set of indicators. It is a set of security tools and instructional guides that can show you how to keep all the activities in the iPhone private. There are features to stop data leakage. It will give you detailed steps on the changes you need to make on the iOS settings.


iVerify iPhone App is one of the best security apps in app store. Considering that Apple has been removing security apps that reads too much into the iOS or are obsolete. iVerify iPhone app has been holding good. They have some of the best features that covers all aspects of security anomalies. The app cost $3.49 to download and use. There are no ads. There are no in app purchases available in the app. Sharing the app is possible for up to six members in a family by enabling the Family sharing feature.

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