Jot – Notes & Todos iPhone App Review

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Jot – Notes & Todos for iPhone is a note taking and to do planning application which is simple and fuss free. Jot lets you quickly capture your day’s activity. Though there are other note taking apps available, Jot offers a simple, stripped down format that can be easily accessed with easy swipe gestures. Easily organize all the notes and list of to do in an order you prefer, so you can remember them without searching for it.

Plan, organize and execute with ease

Jot – Notes & Todos for iPhone, as the name suggests, you just need to jot down stuffs, mainly, notes and To dos. The app keeps other complex features away, making Jot very simple to use. That would mean you cannot format, draw, have tags, categories, share lists, sync and add stickers. So there are no such distractors and what you really need to do is jot down like you were using a pen and a paper. It is that straightforward. The user interface is simple and light weight that lets you create notes quickly. The big purple create button helps you start your work. The priority is speed of capture and this is what makes Jot really special. Any random thoughts that you may have in your mind can be immediately bought down to book with jot. With no frills attached and flexibility, you are fully concentrated on the ideas you want to write and not bothered about other fancy features that you will find in most apps.

Jot - Notes & Todos iPhone App Review

Like in any other text editor, you have spelling and grammar checks which you can turn off if you don’t prefer. Also, you just need to swipe to copy text and you can paste it else where. Use the search feature to quickly search through entire archive. Jot for iPhone is priced $1.99 and requires iOS 11.0 or later. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is available in languages like English, French and so on.


Jot – Notes & Todos app for iPhone is for those who really love to get organized and want to remember every tiny bit of detail of their day to day activities. It is really a simple and straight forward way to put things down. Download it now and store noting down every information you want to keep.

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