Keyplan 3D – Home Design iPhone App Review

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Keyplan 3D – Home Design for iPhone is an app that helps you design your new home. With its unique technology, the app is used by millions to create their own interior design and to decorate their homes. A fun and simple app that help you to build as well as design your homes. It simplifies an otherwise complicated process and makes it look like a child’s play. Start from scratch or just want to do some altercations to your home, the app comes in handy for both.

Build and Design Your Dream Home

Keyplan 3D – Home Design for iPhone comes with a beautiful interface that is both simple and powerful. It had kept in mind the user experience as its utmost goal while designing the interface and controls. You want to build a new home or redecorate your current home, Keyplan 3D app does it all quite professionally. Create amazing content with just a few taps. No complex menus and cryptic features, the smart engine takes care of the strenuous work. Click the build button to create wall or a room. Render plans and make it interactive and can also be updated real time. Imagine any shape and build them using its unique 3d and 2d features.

Keyplan 3D - Home Design iPhone App Review

Create walls like you draw line with a pen and pencil tool. Place doors windows and furniture. You can edit, change and remove objects. There is a vast collection of paints, brick, wood, ceramic and textile to decorate your home. Customize the width and height of the wall using the settings, and convert it into inch or meters. Also, measure in 3d through the building structure.


Keyplan 3D – Home Design for iPhone personalizes an interior designer or a builder and half your job is done instantly and equally has fun. It uses powerful technology to assess and measure the space so it could easily build the creative ideas you had in mind. Create your space with absolutely no hiccups or mistakes. The app works smartly and takes care of all the hard core design entities and does it with finesse. The app has a minimal payment to download and use.

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