Kids Reading Sight Words Android App Review

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‘Sight Words’ is a commonly used technique that helps young children to memorize words with the help of colorful pictures and animated characters. The key to learning through sight word learning is repetition. Sight words games are a very effective way to make learning to read exciting and effective. There are many sight words apps available that can be used by children, parents and teachers. Kids Reading Sight Words from intellijoy is one of the better apps in this category available from the Play store.

How Kids Reading Sight Words Works

Children join the game’s character Tammy the Frog on a journey that takes them through four exciting activities. The objective in each of the activity is to learn commonly used English words from the list of 220 Dolch Sight Words (a list compiled by renowned educator Dr. Edward William Dolch in the 1930s-40s, it comprises of the most frequently occurring words in children’s literature back then). The children will get to learn and review five levels of vocabulary in each activity.

They identify the correct sight word by listening to common words, learn to recognize words by sight, practice words they are familiar with and improve reading skills and develop fluency in tune with their age group. Kids Reading Sight Words app for android is designed for children who are already familiar with phonics. The instructional activities in the app target to develop the bank of sight words known to children so they can automatically recall them at one glance. Children can also experiment constructing sentences using the sight words.


Created for children under 8 years, Kids Reading Sight Words Android App Game can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for $3.50. The fact that this is not a free app ensures that it is more focused and that there are no irritating pop-ups, ads etc. One of drawbacks is that that levels seem to be a bit easy and children run through the game fast. There is a definite need to add more vocabulary and associated activities to the game.

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