King of Math 2 Android App Review

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King of Math 2 Android App helps you with math. The app has lot of puzzles and challenges that can help reinforce the concept of math. It is an interesting app for the entire family. Getting hold of your analytical skills is important. It can help you through your math. The app can provide the best way to spend your free time gaining knowledge in math.

Become the king of math with this gaming app

King of Math 2 App for Android is simple, beautiful app. It has easy gaming controls. The game start in a village and starts journey that spans an entire kingdom. The world is depicted with excellent graphics. The puzzles are challenging and as you keep travelling and moving to next levels, it will gain more difficulty. It gives you an opportunity to solve math in an engaging manner with all the mental arithmetic.

The King of Math 2 Android App provides the best math puzzles and questions that can be handled by children 10 and above. It is intriguing as you proceed through the game and open new world of the kingdom. Play the game and improve your math skills. Each problem has certain time limit and you are supposed to play against it. To play a relaxed game, you can turn off the timer and play at your own convenience. It goes through five worlds and there are 125 unique stages. From basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, it covers other concepts as well.


King of Math 2 Android App is a sequel of the popular game King of Math developed by Oddrobo software. It is an app for the whole family. The problems and puzzles are drawn out concepts from math. It is an easy way to improve math skills. The app has covered most of the math as puzzles. Even if your child gets bored with regular classes, the app will offer an interesting learning option. The app is available in the Google Play Store and costs just $2.85 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developers. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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