Kingdom Rush Origins Android Game App Review

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Kingdom Rush Origins for Android is a tower defense gaming app available in Google Play Store. This is the third instalment of the award winning Kingdom Rush Saga. Kingdom Rush Origins keeps the gameplay of the original and has added tons of new content and new strategies to defend the enemies. This is one of those games where you lose yourself in the rhythm of its play. Kingdom Rush Origins app is robust, polished and as entertaining as other games in this tower defense strategy franchise.

Conquer the world of Kingdom Rush

Building and placing the towers correctly to defend the enemies forms the premise of Kingdom Rush Origins Android game. You start with collecting enough gold to build a few towers. As you do that, you will also have to check the map to see from where your enemies will be approaching. It is important that you place the towers wisely. There are multiple entrance into the kingdom and enemies could you anyone of them to enter. In order to defend the enemies, you need enough towers to cover all the entranced. You will learn the tricks as you play the first couple of games. There are heroes who would help you balance your defense and the upgrades you can use to power up your defense. There are nine different heroes of different capabilities to choose from. Each hero can have up to five capabilities that you can keep upgrading. You will get to meet the different types of monsters. There are tons of levels to play. Gradually changing levels bring new challenges as you play. Each level gives you a number of lives. Completing a level unlocks two playable versions and more stringent challenges. Different levels have different fourth tier defenses which changes the evolution of your tower.

Kingdom Rush Origins Android Game App Review

Most of them who have experienced the previous instalments will feel familiar with game play. But you will realize that there are new enemies, different upgrades, new heroes, and little tweaks that bring about a refreshing change in the new version. It has a spectacular visuals that is quite detailed, colors, animations and music. The game cost just $0.15 to download from Google Play.


Kingdom Rush Origins for Android has plenty of cartoon violence but no blood shed. The game forces the players to think strategically as they defend their lands from orcs, goblins and other mythical creatures by placing various towers along the path to the entrance. You will find this to be a great game that is not only brilliant but also funny.

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