Leo’s Fortune iPhone Game App Review

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Leo’s Fortune for iPhone is a platform adventure gaming app available in App Store featuring the adventures faced by Leopold who follows a trail to recover his fortune. It is quite simple and the plot is complete with invigorating puzzles along with a gorgeous world of Leopold. Leo’s Fortune with its beautiful visual and a rich tale of redemption is a good platformer with a great gameplay and does a neat job of providing an experience to the player.

Grab the Thief, Redeem the Gold

Leo’s Fortune for iPhone is all about Leopold and his gold. He is a cute Russian, mustachioed ball of a rolling monster. Leo returns home to find all his gold been stolen. The thief has dropped pieces of gold like breadcrumbs for him to follow. Leo’s adventure starts from there that spans five different regions. Each region will have a breadcrumb trail to follow. As a player, you are Leopold. Controlling Leo is an interesting aspect of the game. He is quite floaty and can accelerate quickly. Swiping on the left of the screen move you around, swiping right expands your fur and sends you in the air. Swiping down makes you perform a dive and allow you to push bigger objects. Swiping up makes you jump high and can send you across high walls. There are around two dozen levels to cross. You will find a lot of traps to jump over and puzzles to solve that will take you forward.

Puzzles are great; it incorporates both physics and a cause and effect relationship. The visuals and music are quite impressive. Beautiful backdrops, great weather with meticulously detailed world to explore, every scene is of high quality and simply spectacular. Missions are well within the games narrative and there is plenty of variety in terms of puzzles to keep the entire adventure interesting. If you try to beat the whole game without dying, you get to unlock the hard core mode and win a special prize. You can compete with your game cancer friends to beat as many levels as you can in the quickest time possible. The gaming app is priced at 4.99$.

A Gorgeous Platform Adventure

Leo’s Fortune iPhone game is a beautifully crafted adventure of Leo and is an excellent adventure platformer and is the best example in this genre. The quality factor, gorgeous visuals and great puzzles along with an excellent gameplay within a tight narrative drives the game to greater heights.

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