LibriVox Audio Books Pro iPhone App Review

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LibriVox Audio Books for iPhone provides access to about 50,000 audio books from the public domain. You can either stream and listen to them over the internet or download it to use it offline. It is a work of a dedicated team who record, edit and distribute the books. Collection of books cover world of literature that includes novels, biographies, short stories, historical collections, poetry. Both fiction and non fiction genres are available.

An audiobook app perfect for those voracious readers soul

LibriVox Audio Books iPhone app is a database of audiobooks whose main aim is to make all books available in the public domain. These books are present in audio format over the internet which is mostly read by volunteers. Search for audiobooks by author, title, genre and language. The app supports about 35 different languages and gets native speakers to record for them. New audiobooks are notified so you will know when it is available. The app applies bookmark feature and remembers where you left off the last time. The app offers unlimited bookmarks, so you can read more than one book simultaneously. The sleep timer feature reminds you of your sleep.

LibriVox Audio Books Pro iPhone App Review

LibriVox Audio Books app uses books available only in the public domain and it partners with Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive to host these audio files. Apart from downloading them you could also burn them to CDs or stream them to other channels. There are about 1200 non English audiobooks with 6800 readers. You can play the audiobooks in your car or headphones or at home, convenience at its best. The pro version of the app costs $3.49 to download from App Store.

Collection of Audio Books and Classic Radio Dramas

LibriVox Audio Books for iPhone has the best of collection and makes it easy to search for your favorite. Classic radio dramas are also available with the app. The catalog is available in the website and you can go through them before downloading. The genre is mostly Classic, and if you have the penchant of more than 100 years this app is your best friend.

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